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Building a new website from the ground up meant all-new imagery, carefully considered copy, and site development. Accompanying this work is ongoing management of social media feeds which have seen the Instagram audience double organically in less than a year without resorting to paid-for promotion — purely through engagement and the right content.

An example of a company achieving cut-through in a competitive market, Balmain + Balmain now acquires the majority of its sales directly as a consequence of the online presence created by 1803 Connect.


Balmain & Balmain is a bespoke furniture business with a discerning customer base. Targeting a visually motivated interior design audience, the company rebrand, new online presence and social media content have all driven a rapid sales increase. 

Project work

Brand / Digital / Content


2018 on

From new furniture labels through to regular weekly IGTV content, the company now has a consistent style wherever there is audience interaction.


Contemporary branding reflects the company's status as a challenger in an established market and the creation of a new online presence means customers can now experience its products in a more accessible and relatable way.


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